Board of Directors

CVOEO's dedicated Board of Directors includes representatives from Addison, Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties.

Board of Directors

"CVOEO is unique because of the multi-layered approach to addressing community issues. It is vital to have an organization that works in partnership with the community."

Aden Haji

Board of Directors

"Our CVOEO community is best known for lifting each other up and assisting in any way we can. Every person we help strengthens our community and allows us to achieve great things, together."

Nakuma Palczewski

Board of Directors

"The people who work at CVOEO every day with such care, dedication, energy, and talent inspire me to serve on the Board in support of their passion for justice and compassion for people."

Cody Fiala

Board of Directors

"CVOEO is unique in the breadth and depth of the services it offers, building a synergy between programs to make the whole stronger than its separate parts. I am honored to be able to assist in its work."

Jon Crystal
Vice President

Board of Directors

"I am deeply impressed by the energy and effort CVOEO’s staff devotes to helping others in our community overcome obstacles and persevere through hard times. It’s an honor to witness and support that work by serving on the Board."

Anne Rosenblum

Meet the Board


  • Cody Fiala, President
  • Jon Crystal, Vice President
  • Anne Rosenblum, Secretary

Addison County representatives

  • Jon Crystal
  • Andrea Treadway

Chittenden County representatives

  • Brian Cina
  • Aden Haji
  • Colleen Noni
  • Elizabeth Madigan 
  • Anne Rosenblum

Franklin and Grand Isle Counties representatives

  • Wendy Bova
  • Cody Fiala
  • Nakuma Palkzewski