Buying or repairing a mobile home

Are you looking to buy or repair a mobile home? Here are some ideas and resources to help. You can also call us at (802) 660-3455 x204.

Guide to Purchasing a New Mobile Home (PDF) - This guide includes all the information you should be aware of when purchasing a new home to go into a mobile home park, including how to find an available lot, financing, dealers, installers, permits and insurance.

Tips for Buying a Mobile Home

  • The types of financing available to you will depend on the home. In general, it will be easier to find a loan, and the interest rate may be lower, if the home is newer, double-wide, on a foundation, and on land you will own or land in a nonprofit or cooperative park. It will be harder to find a loan if the home is older, single-wide, or in a for-profit park.
  • Different lenders offer different options. Some will finance singlewides or older homes even though others will not. Check all your options at banks, credit unions, and nonprofit and government agencies.
  • When buying a used home, have it professionally inspected and appraised. These professional services may cost a few hundred dollars, but they can save you thousands of dollars.
  • It is common for Vermont mobile home owners to spend as much on heating and electricity as they do on their mortgage. To lower your energy costs, look for an Energy Star rated mobile home.

Nonprofit and Government Loans to Purchase a Mobile Home

The Champlain Housing Trust can help with your down payment for newly constructed, Energy Star Rated manufactured homes with the Manufactured Housing Down Payment Loan Program. You do not have to repay the loan until you sell the mobile home. Call 1-877-274-7431.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Program offers low-interest loans to buy new single or double-wide mobile homes with permanent foundations on land you will own. Call 828-6012 (Montpelier area), 257-7878 x108 (Brattleboro area), or 748-8746 x112 (St. Johnsbury area).

Other Resources for Mobile Home Buyers

Wondering who sells mobile homes? The United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development office publishes a list of local mobile home dealers and contractors (PDF). (Presence on this list is not an endorsement by USDA or by the Mobile Home Program.)

Energy Efficient Homes


Better Homes AHEAD

First time home buyer? Consider taking a homebuyer education class offered in your region.

Trying to save? Vermont Matched Savings (VMS) is a matched savings program that helps Vermonters save money to buy a home, start or run a business or continue education after high school. Call the Financial Futures Program to find a VMS Specialist in your region, (802) 860-1417 x113.

Credit issues? Call the nonprofit GreenPath Debt Solutions at 1-800-550-1961.

If you live in Addison, Chittenden, Franklin or Grand Isle counties, contact the Financial Futures Program for free one-on-one credit coaching and classes on money management and credit building. Call them at (802) 860-1417 x114.

Repairing Your Home

Nonprofit and Government Home Repair Loans

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Program offers low-interest loans to repair mobile homes in nonprofit and cooperative parks or on land you own throughout rural Vermont. Call 828-6012 (Montpelier area), 257-7878 x108 (Brattleboro area), or 748-8746 x112 (St. Johnsbury area).

In addition, land trusts in every part of Vermont have low-interest loans:

RuralEdge (Orleans, Essex, and Caledonia Counties)

Downstreet Housing & Community Development (Lamoille, Washington, and Orange Counties)

Champlain Housing Trust (Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties)

NeighborWorks of Western Vermont (Addison, Rutland, and Bennington Counties)

Free Home Repair Services


You can have your home insulated and your heating system upgraded for free if you are income eligible.

Cover Home Repair (802) 296-7241 x105

Volunteer teams repair homes within 45 minutes of White River Junction.

Rebuilding Together Greater Burlington (802) 860-9200

Volunteer teams repair homes in or near Burlington.

Community Action Agencies

Sometimes community action agencies have small funds to help with emergency home repairs.

Discount Building Materials

You can buy salvaged appliances, fixtures, and building materials at many Vermont stores:

Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Williston.

ReCover in White River Junction.

ReSource in Burlington.

Energy Efficiency Information

Download our guidebook or call us for a printed copy!

Do-it-Yourself Mobile Home Energy Efficiency (PDF) download our guidebook!

Efficiency Vermont offers information, contractor referrals, rebates for new energy-efficient appliances, and incentives for insulating your home.

Fuel Tanks

Prevent oil leaks! Inspect your tank with this checklist.

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources has grants to replace your old fuel tank.

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