HOME Family Housing Voucher Program

Vermont's Office of Economic Opportunity and CVOEO are providing a new rapid re-housing voucher to families experiencing homelessness. Modeled after the CARES Housing Voucher Program, CVOEO’s HOME Family Housing Voucher Program will provide up to 100 families with 12-18 months of rental assistance. Families will be referred through the coordinated entry process, with local organizations providing housing navigation and retention services. Applications will begin being accepted by CVOEO on February 1, 2023.

The HOME Family Housing Voucher Program is an important step towards solving family homelessness by ensuring that families with children have access to rental assistance to make housing affordable.

What does the voucher provide?

The HOME Family Housing Voucher provides rental assistance for 12 months with possible extension through June 2024 and a security deposit for up to twice the value of one month’s rent. CVOEO will issue these payments directly to the landlord. The household is required to pay 30% of income towards housing costs. At the end of the voucher period, the household is responsible for paying 100% of the rent unless they have secured other rental assistance.

Who is eligible for a HOME voucher?

Households with dependent children must be enrolled in Coordinated Entry and matched to a Home Family Housing Voucher through the Coordinated Entry prioritization process.

To be eligible, the household must:

  1. Be a household with dependent children meeting the criteria under paragraph (1) of the HUD Definition of Homelessness, or meeting the criteria under paragraph (4) and living in an emergency shelter or other place described in paragraph (1) of the definition. HomelessDefinition_RecordkeepingRequirementsandCriteria.pdf
  2. Not be receiving rental assistance through any other subsidized housing program; and
  3. Have a net monthly income (income minus expenses) of more than 30% of total monthly income.

Housing secured under this program is subject to state and federal fair housing law, which prohibits against discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, family status, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, being a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, and receipt of public assistance. For more information about fair housing rights and responsibilities, visit cvoeo.org/get-help/fair-housing-and-discrimination.

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Email: HOME.FHVP@cvoeo.org
Phone: 802-660-3455 X108

Additional Resources

Welcome Home
A first come, first served one-time allocation service for HOME Family Housing Voucher Program participants in good standing to help with essential needs. Please email us at HOME.FHVP@cvoeo.org for more information.

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Housing Retention Services
CVOEO offers direct support to HOME Voucher participants and landlords to help voucher holders remain stably housed.  

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Renters Rights & Responsibilities Resources
HOME Voucher participants have access to the Vermont Tenants Hotline at 802-864-0099 and all of CVOEO’s free financial and renter resources, educational offerings, and coaching. 

Tenant Skills and Finding Housing Workshops and Resources 

Personal Finance Classes

Other Housing Support

For other help stabilizing your housing , preventing homelessness, support with back rent, security deposits, or fuel assistance, contact the Community Action Agency for your region. 

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We can solve child homelessness in Vermont.

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