Warmth Support Program

The Warmth Support Program supplements Vermont’s Seasonal and Crisis Fuel Assistance services.

You are eligible if:

  • You are within 5-7 days of running out of bulk fuel
  • You are in danger of having your utility service disconnected

Community Action staff will work with you to examine your monthly income and expenses, available resources, and capacity to make realistic repayment arrangements (for past-due metered services) or to cover part of the cost of a delivery of bulk fuel. We also check if you're eligible for other supportive programs, such as 3SquaresVT and weatherization services.

About the Warmth Support Program

Every winter, many Vermonters face dangerously low home temperatures because they cannot pay their fuel or utility bills. For more than 35 years the Warmth Support Program has provided more than 92,000 emergency disbursements to help families and individuals avert life-threatening heating crises.

The Warmth Support Program staff offer wraparound services to households, and provide essential information and counseling to help individuals and families avoid crises in the future. Funds are distributed by knowledgeable and compassionate staff that ensure every dollar contributed goes to those in need. Warmth Support Program funds are always paid directly to the fuel or energy vendor on behalf of low-income Vermonters.

Thank you to the compassionate neighbors whose generous donations make this program possible, as well as the following participating utilities: Blair's Discount Fuels, Burlington Electric, Green Mountain Power, Rowley Fuels, Vermont Electric, Vermont Gas Systems, and Washington Electric.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. You do not know how much it meant to me to be able to talk to someone who was so kind and understanding. [...] It has been difficult to cover all the bills, and I am so grateful for your help.”

- 79 year old client

The Warmth Support Program depends on the generosity of our community. Together, we can support our most vulnerable neighbors throughout the winter.

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