A Walk in Their Shoes: How Spectrum helps homeless youth in St. Albans

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Here is an excerpt:

On Saturday, June 10, community members are encouraged to learn what it’s like to be homeless in Franklin and Grand Isle counties. “A Walk in Their Shoes” aims to educate the community about homelessness by offering an opportunity to see and hear about the daily challenges unhoused neighbors encounter. Leading up to June 10, the Messenger is interviewing the leaders of these organizations to learn about the unique ways they help people seeking shelter.This week’s featured leader is Stefanie Comstock, director of the Spectrum Drop-In Center in St. Albans. The center is a place where youth and young adults find food, laundry, clothing and other supports to meet basic needs. 

Q: What are some distinct ways that your organization helps people experiencing homelessness? How are these ways different from other services available in Franklin County?A: The Spectrum St Albans Drop-In Center is a basic needs program that serves youth ages 14-24. We help youth who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by connecting them with resources for local housing and shelter options. We can provide a homeless youth with two hot meals a day (M-F), food to-go, showers, laundry, clothing, winter gear such as jackets and boots, hygiene supplies, underwear and socks.