Burlington prepares for sub-zero temperatures

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Here is an excerpt:

Subzero temperatures are expected Friday and Saturday in much of Vermont and New York, leaving many outdoor events cancelled. Vermont officials are urging people to be prepared and to stay indoors if needed. But one community may be especially vulnerable: the unhoused.

Burlington’s Community Resource Center will have expanded daytime hours until the cold passes. The Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity doesn’t have an overnight shelter itself, but tries to transport people to wherever they can stay overnight. Paul Dragon, the Executive Director of CVOEO, notes, “our outreach team goes out, they know where encampments are, they know where people are, they have a van, we do pass out essential goods, and sleeping bags, tents and food. ”Dragon adds, “we really try hard to get people into hotels, but as you know, many of them are already filled up, and some of the shelters are as well, and then there’s barriers for people to get in.”