Buy or say bye South Burlington residents feel housing crunch first hand

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Here is an excerpt:

The notices came to her and her neighbors at the end of February, just a few weeks after a similar story broke in Winooski where 24 low-income, mostly New American families were notified they had to find new housing by June or be evicted.

Jessica Hyman, associate director of housing advocacy programs at the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity, hears these stories all the time, many coming from Vermonters calling into their tenants’ hotline.

“Unless we prioritize perpetually affordable housing and mixed income communities where there’s a range of different types and costs of housing, then that’s how segregation happens. Then we end up with communities that don’t work for everybody, and frankly, are less vibrant and less inclusive, less of what most people would say they want to see in the world,” Hyman said.