South End neighborhood benefits from park improvements

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Here is an excerpt:

Tucked away in Burlington’s South End, one of the city’s pocket parks Wednesday got a little TLC as part of Community Action Day. There was a little love for a little park Wednesday as part of the second annual Community Action Day put on by a handful of Burlington organizations. The goal was to breathe a little life into the Champlain Street Park.

In addition to doing a little landscaping at the park, there was a bigger message shared at the event, pertaining to fair housing. “The connection between green space and housing might seem like a stretch to some people,” said Corrine Yonce with the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity. With Burlington’s limited housing stock, finding a place with private outdoor space can be tough. Yonce says that’s why having nice community spaces like this, is important. “If people don’t have choice in where they live, they might not have equal access to things like green space,” she said.