VT Law School: Office Hours

Join us for 15 minutes or for the whole 2 hours! A panel of faculty and students from Vermont Law and Graduate School's Small Business Law Clinic will be hosting virtual drop-in office hours, where we invite you to stop by and ask any questions you might have about the law and your business. As a reminder, the VLGS team are unable to give legal advice; however, they may provide information and resources to help address your specific legal questions.

Questions you might find help with include:

  • writing or negotiating good contracts;
  • protecting work or inventions;
  • hiring and working with a lawyer;
  • insurance and risk
  • how to navigate rules and regulations that apply to your business;
  • making a business entity with the Secretary of State
  • changing your business structure, including bringing others on board;
  • planning for the future of your business;
  • managing employees and independent contractors;
  • filing your beneficial ownership information report (BOI Report);
  • what to look for in commercial leases;
  • getting permits;
  • and more.