CVOEO Mobile Home Program Launches Civic Engagement and Emergency Preparedness Project in Hinesburg and St. George

The Mobile Home Program, in partnership with resident leaders, park owners, and other support organizations, is launching a new Civic Engagement and Emergency Preparedness Project in Hinesburg and St. George.

MHP and its partners will work with residents, board, and owners of the Mountain View mobile home community in Hinesburg and St. George Villa in St. George on a series of workshops (with $40 incentive per household and per event), covering mobile home resident rights and responsibilities, fair housing protections, local and state governance, and emergency preparedness. The workshops will be held in the summer and fall. A second round of gatherings held in the winter and spring of 2021 will focus on household emergency plans, community resources and needs, and ways to better connect mobile home residents with the broader communities.

The overall goals of this project are to help make each community healthier, safer, better connected, and to make sure that everyone has a voice in local decisions.

Due to COVID-19, the workshops will be held remotely, with technological support to help residents participate. Mobile Home Program staff will be contacting Mountain View and St. George Villa residents to find out about their technical needs. Future community meetings may be held in person.

The Mobile Home Program is part of the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity’s (CVOEO) Coordinated Statewide Housing Services. We work to empower residents through community organizing and education in order to protect housing rights and improve living conditions.

This project is funded through a grant from the High Meadows Fund.

For more information please contact Sandrine Kibuey, Vermont Tenants & Mobile Home Program, CVOEO, (802) 660-3455 Ext. 105,

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