Wheels for Warmth

For information about this year's event, visit wheelsforwarmth.org.

Established in 2005, Wheels for Warmth has three goals: raise funds for emergency heating assistance for distribution through CVOEO, Capstone Community Action, and BROC Community Action; create a resource of DMV-inspected tires that are deemed safe for at least one season of use, to be sold to Vermonters in need at reasonable prices; and provide a convenient, inexpensive way to dispose of unwanted tires, reducing the number of tires discarded in rivers or along our roadways.  For event information, visit the Wheels for Warmth Website.

Used tires are collected at various locations around Vermont during the month of October. They are inspected by DMV officials at donation drop-off locations in Barre, Mendon, Stowe and Williston. Additional, non-DMV, locations include Colchester and Waitsfield. Tires that pass inspection are then sold to the public, with proceeds supporting the Warmth Support Program. 

car tires and volunteers

a group of volunteers moving car tires

volunteers working around a trailer full of tires

Wheels for Warmth is an annual event that helps to provide emergency heating assistance for vulnerable Vermonters through the Warmth Support Program. All funds collected  are redistributed to those in need, and will help to keep our community warm all season long.